The baled PET bottles arriving at our facility are subjected to pre-washing and label peeling after the bale opening process. Subsequently, they pass through the optical separator and are separates according to their colors. Then, after the crushing, washing and rinsing processes; they get dry and fill into big bags by passing through the color, polymer and metal separator as last stage of all processes.


The following applications are available for the use of recycled PET flakes:

Hot-washed pet flake is produced using crushing and sorting technologies (Herbold and Tomra Titech) of various industry-leading machine manufacturers. All production of Escopetflake’s is made from post-consumer PET bottles.

Cappacity 3 Tons/Clock

Herbold Crusher

Advantages of Herbold Crusher

Otpical Bottle Sorter

Tomta Titech Autosort

Tomra Autosort detects and separates PET bottles to polymers and colors to ensure high purity.

Optical Flake Sorter

Tomra Titech Autosort 3 in 1

Tomra's latest model Autosort flake has a high capacity (3ton/h) and has features to detect and remove foreign polymers such as PVC, PP, HDPE in pet flake to ensure premium quality. It also has a metal separation sensor. This machine is the first in Turkey that has both polymer, color and metal separation features.